Get Your Dream Web Developer Job in 8 weeks  with the WordPress Kickstarter Program

(Even If You’re A Complete Beginner With No Experience & No Technical Knowledge)

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Looking to start a career as a WordPress Web Developer? Register for the Ultimate WordPress Course...

✅ The 5 Step Framework To Get A High Paying Web Dev Job

✅ How To Learn Web Development Practically And Have Results To Show

✅ How To Learn, Grow And Network With Like-Minded Developers and  Professionals

✅ How To Get Web Development Tools And Resources Worth Rs. 61,250

✅ The 10 modules of the Web Developer Career Kickstarter (WCK) Syllabus

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You’ve decided to learn Web Development and start a career in it, but quickly gotten confused, overwhelmed and scared by it.

You have binge-watched YouTube videos, mass-consumed blog posts, registered for every webinar but yet, you still don’t know how and where to start with Web Development.

You see the potential of this life-changing career but don’t know how to start and when to start. Maybe you tried some cheap or really expensive courses and got frustrated because all they teach you are the basics and give you theory. There is zero practical experience or whatsoever. 

To be honest with you, empty certificates and degrees will give you nothing.

That’s Why I Created this WordPress Kickstarter Programme.

Since 2019, I’ve worked with brands like Shortfundly, Guvi Geeks, Nimo Planet, Path HR International, Finsol Insurance, AIC Raise and a lot more & helped them with my amazing Skills.

I’ve experienced the most common challenges, hiccups and missing pieces that most people struggle with when it comes to starting a career in Web Development.

I’ve condensed my long experience into a robust 8-week training program with strong people to support you through the entire process.

This is a course where you will gain practical knowledge and Trust me, you’ll learn and achieve more in 8 weeks than most people do in 8 years.

If You Are Ready To Learn SEO, A True Life-Changing Skill, And Build A Fulfilling Career, Then Join Me In The SEO Career Kickstarter (SCK) Program

Here’s Exactly What You Will Be Learning And Achieving In 10 Weeks

Fundamentals Of SEO

Understand the R-A-U framework to understand how search engines and SEO works.

Keyword Research

Learn how to find high-value, easy to rank keywords using the counterintuitive ToFu method.

OnPage SEO

Understand the R-A-U framework to understand how search engines and SEO works.

Technical SEO - Part 1

Understand the R-A-U framework to understand how search engines and SEO works.

Technical SEO - Part 2

Understand the R-A-U framework to understand how search engines and SEO works.

Off-Page SEO - Part 1

Understand the R-A-U framework to understand how search engines and SEO works.

Off-Page SEO - Part 2

Understand the R-A-U framework to understand how search engines and SEO works.

Local SEO

Understand the R-A-U framework to understand how search engines and SEO works.

YouTube SEO

Understand the R-A-U framework to understand how search engines and SEO works.

Site Audit, SEO Strategy And Proposal

Perform an SEO site audit, craft an SEO strategy, decide on your pricing, learn to manage an SEO project and copy my SEO proposal template.

Apart From This You Will Also Learn And Become Job Ready With..

Resume Makeover

Learn how to make the perfect resume in the right format

Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Build the perfect profile for better connections and opportunities

Crack The SEO Interview

Prepare and crack the SEO interview and impress them with your skills

Salary Negotiation

Know your worth and get the salary you deserve

In The SEO Career Kickstarter Program, There Are 10 Weeks Of Learning, Which Is Supplemented By 10 Easy-To-Do, Fun Assignments That Will Help You Understand The Concepts From A Practical Perspective.







What’s Included In SEO Career Kickstarter (SCK) Program

The SCK program is a fully guided learning journey. Attend training sessions, get motivated with cashback to implement everything you learn practically with the support of your mentors and a super helpful community.

Training Sessions

Attend interactive training sessions and understand every concept of SEO in a planned, easy to understand and detailed manner.


If you can’t make it to the training session, don’t worry, you will be getting lifetime access to all the recordings of the training session.


You will be given access to all the resources and tools you will need to complete your assignments and learn SEO practically.


You will have mentors who will help you and guide you with dedicated Q&A sessions to help you with any challenges.


You will be added to a private WhatsApp community that will have mentors and peers who will support you through the entire journey.

100% Practical Training Sessions

Work on a Real Live Project Site

Dedicated Weekly Q&A Sessions

Full Placement Assistance

No Technical Knowledge Required

Exclusive WhatsApp Community

Exclusive WhatsApp Community

₹ 10,000 worth of cashback

Bonus: ₹ 61,250 worth of SEO tools & resources

That’s Not All, You Will…

Get Access To SEO Tools And Resources Worth ₹ 61,250 When You Join The SEO Career Kickstarter (SCK) Program

Astra Pro High-Performance WordPress Theme

worth ₹ 17,000

WP Rocket Premium WordPress Plugin

worth ₹ 18,000

RankMath Pro Premium SEO Plugin

worth ₹ 5,000

WPX Hosting For 3 Months

worth ₹ 5,250

Pre-Recorded Ultimate SEO Playbook Course

worth ₹ 10,000

Pre-Recorded Content Marketing Mastery Course

worth ₹ 10,000

Course Completion Certificate


Private WhatsApp Community


Total Bonus Worth ₹ 61,250

Guided Support

When you join HIIT SEO you get the support of our amazing team and community members, who will guide you and support you at each step and make the entire learning process smoother and more enjoyable for you.

Sanjay Shenoy

Lead Instructor

Shreyas Umesh


Jackson Monichan

Community Mentor

Juneeth Panjri

Community Support

Nivedita Baliga

Assessment Support


HIIT SEO is a practical training program. Unlike other courses that teach you only the theory, in this program, you will learn by doing.

And you won’t be doing this alone, because you will have others in your cohort, who will be at the same level as you through this journey.

You will also be helped by experienced mentors who will solve any doubts you may have with dedicated Q&A sessions.


Absolutely. The program is designed to help you understand from a fundamental level and build it up to advanced concepts.

The only requirement is that you know how to use a browser. I have a feeling that if you are reading this landing page, you are automatically qualified to take part in this program.

Definitely not. I say this with confidence because I don’t know how to code either.

If I can not just survive, but thrive in the SEO industry without knowing how to code, then I believe anybody can as long as they are passionate about SEO.

Don’t worry about it. I can understand if writing terrifies you. Most people who join this program would have never written a word before but yet become confident creators by the end of this program.

Thanks to my 6 step content framework, you should be able to write SEO optimised content that both your users and Google will love.

The program will last for 10 weeks. But if you include the orientation and the graduation session, then it will be 12 weeks.

Can’t make it to the training session? No problem! All sessions are recorded and you will have lifetime access to the recordings.

I would say you will need a minimum of 5 hours of commitment per week.

Not just any certificate but a blockchain verifiable certificate that you can proudly show to your friends and family.

Yes, you will need to invest about Rs.800 for a domain name but apart from that, all you need to invest if your time and effort. Everything else you need will be provided to you.

You will be receiving your cashback via UPI (xyz@okhdfc, abc@okaxis, xyz@paytm etc). Having a UPI ID is mandatory to join this program.